Who Are We?

Do you know what luxury leather feels like? That smooth, supple leather in your hand, soft suede lining, and a glistening golden emblem as a constant reminder of the meticulous attention to detail dedicated to each step of production. Unfortunately, as luxury brands continue to sell out to the global supply chain, the quality of today’s designer products bear little resemblance to the prestige of days past. That’s why we created Maroquine: a boutique luxury leather company that brings the focus back to traditional handicraft and scrupulous attention to the details that matter most.


The purity of leather as a material is the fundamental building block that inspires each Maroquine product.  Our design team incorporates the use of elegant lines and shapes to create unique, sophisticated, and contemporary designs that showcase the quality of our leather, rather than treat it as a canvas for distracting frills. This minimalist approach means that each product exudes timeless style and universal aesthetic appeal, with no risk of ever being considered modish or trendy, but rather classic and coveted.


Maroquine’s dedication to unparalleled, responsible luxury is intrinsic to all facets of our final products. Focusing on small-batch and sustainable production, we partner with two small tanneries in Bogotá, Colombia that aniline-dye each of our hides. This intimate practice produces leather and suede of exceptional quality that will last indefinitely with good treatment. The luxury of high-quality materials is emphasized in even the most minute details: the six-ply braided, waxed thread used to hand-stitch strong saddle stitches, our own formula of edge paint that gives each product a beautiful and protective finish. Finally, all of our hardware is 100% brass and made in the United States. The combination of these materials creates a product that will stand the test of time.


Once valued worldwide, artisanship is still esteemed in Colombia because of the superior quality of traditional handicrafts to the mass-produced goods of the global marketplace. Part of a large family of leatherworkers carrying on the tradition, our production team is lead by a husband and wife who run a small workshop in Bogotá, Colombia. Using techniques which have changed little over centuries, every piece is hand-cut, hand-assembled, hand-stitched, and hand-finished with such finesse that people often mistake the work for that of a machine.  With perfect craftsmanship, the quality of our products is made possible only by the decades of experience and intense passion of our artisans who are proud to preserve their traditions for a true living wage.

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